Sunday, December 31, 2017

Speedo Sunday

This one borders on perfection. And here's another for you ASS MEN.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Kevin Rice, Model for Ralph Lauren, Has Died at 43

Kevin Rice, whose modeling career spanned more than two decades, died on Christmas Day at age 43. He is survived by his husband. No other details or survivor information were mmediately available, but I wanted to wish his friends and family my condolences. 

See his profile at Storm Models HERE.

Friends remember Kevin online HERE.

Friday, December 29, 2017

Mary Ann Georgantopoulos of BuzzFeed Conspires With Jonathan Well to Produce #RevengePorn Against Jann Wenner

Hmm, has anyone else checked out this BuzzFeed piece? (Best to read before hearing me out.) This isn't anything like what BuzzFeed reported another man says happened to him with Jann Wenner. (An alleged quid pro quo.) This is a grievous invasion of Wenner's privacy poorly dressed up as a #MeToo story. Just as this accuser (Jonathan Wells) had a hard time labeling "what happened" to him, so would any reasonable person. It's very possible both men could be telling their version of the "truth." But if Wenner wasn't aware of Wells's take then I don't see how it's at all fair to Wenner to fill him in for the world to hear. (Has everyone forgotten what a phone is?) Someone drunk and on coke putting the moves on someone -- and the object of their desire not saying no or protesting in any way -- and then this person coming back on two separate occasions to have “consensual sex” afterward could very reasonably have allowed Wenner to think it was consensual. (Wouldn't anyone?) And if Wells felt like he couldn’t say no to Wenner — who was NOT HIS BOSS at the time of the alleged assault— simply because he was rich and famous, that says more about Wells and our obsession with celebrity culture than it does about Wenner. (And let’s not even get into Wells’s “daddy issues.”) Wenner eventually realized the guy wasn't into him and dropped it. 

Jonathan Wells's story is suited for a therapist, not a reporter 

The other part isn't as easy to gauge — but that certainly didn’t stop BuzzFeed from using a watonly misleading headline. People who like each other often do nice things for one another. (Every kind act isn't secretly motivated by something nefarious.) And book publishing is an extremely precarious business. But to the more specific charge, I'm not sure threatening "gay" blackmail is any better than threatening legal action to try to stop a book you wish you'd jumped at from getting published by a rival. Bottom line: Shame on Mary Ann Georgantopoulos and BuzzFeed for this sleazy attempt at publicly shaming an openly gay man for what he does in his personal life. Wells has every right to feel any way he wants and to tell whomever he wants. But that doesn't mean media outlets have to breathlessly regurgitate every word every accuser says. Yes we should lean toward believing victims. But each accusation needs to be evaluated on its own merits, and not every incident is worthy of a news story. This article has no business in a supermarket tabloid much less a Pulitzer-nominated news site. What a giant step back for an organization that has worked so hard to be taken seriously and shed its listicle past.

Remains of the Day (12/29)

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Hot Cat of the Day: Harvey has helped fill a huge hole left behind by Larry. But he's so sweet and happy I can't get him to do a sideways walk to save my life -- a Larry special this kitty has down pat!

Sister Bernhard's Traveling Salvation Show

The world has become so insane that it's gotten to the point that I feel like I have to create my own "alternative universe" -- one where intelligence and wit are revered, racism, misogyny and LGBTQphobia are frowned up, and truth and facts still matter. (Besides, I wouldn't give the right the satisfaction of making me miserable, despite their truly valiant efforts.) That being said, Damian and I decided to fudge the truth a bit last night at at Joe's Pub, deeming it our own "New Year's Eve" celebration (avoiding the hysteria) on Dec. 28 with one Sandra Bernhard. I've been going to Sandy's year-end wrap-up on and off forever. But these past three years it's become a necessary tradition -- a palate cleanser to prepare for the year ahead.

And once again, she didn't disappoint. As it customary, she opened with one of my songs -- this time it was Neil Diamond's "Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show" -- reminding me that our similar MI-AZ-L.A.-NYC slash queer sensibilities know no bounds. And from there she off to the races, with an hour of her signature observations, celebrity run-ins (#SheToo, with Buddy Hackett and Rodney Dangerfield) and is-she-or-isn't-kidding songs ("Takin' It to the Streets"), keeping it light on politics as god knows none of us needs to pay good money to have it rubbed in our faces just how dire things are. And best of all, reminding us that we might just make it after all.

Through Sunday at Joe's Pub. Tickets HERE.

Just about everyone there was a gay dude of a certain age -- except these two lovelies!

Future appearances HERE.

RIP, Rose Marie

The child radio star who became even more famous as Sally Rogers on "The Dick Van Dyke Show" was 94. So glad this Hollywood legend lived to see her "moment" again. Read HERE.

Song of the Day: 'While You See a Chance' by Petula Clark

This song was one of the highlights from Tuesday's concert. Was a little surprised that no one at the table recognized it as being a Steve Winwood  cover. (It hit No. 7 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1981.) 

Petula also covers it on her new album, "Living for Today."

Order HERE.