Wednesday, August 31, 2016

'Finding Prince Charming' Star Robert Sepulveda Jr. Addresses His Escort Past, but Questions Remain

Thought it was wise of Robert Sepulveda Jr. to address his escort past today in interviews with Us Weekly and Huffington Post Live, although I thought the point of "coming clean" about something is to, well, come clean. 

The star of Logo's "Finding Prince Charming" told Noah Michelseon: “The past is the past. I was young and it helped through college. But what I want people to focus on is who I am today as an entrepreneur, as an activist. I started a nonprofit and, you know, focusing on the show. That’s really what I want people to focus on.” 

That's all well and good. But just as his escorting came to light in the comments section of gay blogs, information contradicting what he just said has already emerged again, including a handful of emails I've received from readers, alleging the escorting has continued into this summer and that Sepulveda's "interior design" business is more of a front than a firm. If we can all agree there's nothing wrong with being a sex worker, why does he continue to distance himself from it -- thus implying shame? 

I couldn't care less about this -- the fact that he was a sex worker actually made the show slightly more interesting to me than before (kudos, Logo!) -- and realize reality dating shows are anything but real. But these online commenters were right the first time, so are probably right again. Why the continued lies and deception? 

From a reader:
He was working as JordanAthleteTen and VincentLucas on Rentmen right up until production started in July. His LLC for design doesn't exist in the state's corp databases either because he's never had a firm. Google "sepulveda m4m" and see all the different escort pseudonym postings going back at least 10 years. I agree, who cares if he earned a living escorting, just don't hold him up as an icon. 


Frank said...

I caught his interview on HuffPost Live. It was cringeworthy watching him repeat he is an entrepreneur who started a nonprofit over and over. I say stand up and be proud you're a hooker. Now, I think he's embarrassed he got caught.

Anonymous said...

What he did getting other people to give their money to paint rainbow crosswalks is what is called being a citizen, not a "philanthropist" as he claims on his self written, sham Wikipedia page. He's hurting a lot of people to inflate his ego. Dorian Gray not Prince Charming. Agree, who cares about the sex work - but the lying and trying to cover it up until you get caught sucks for everyone. There are so many handsome eligible guys who've actually done something or are on the cusp. He could prove he's actually had or has got a business by providing a list of clients that you can count on more than two hands.

jaragon said...

The producers really blew it when the picked this looser as their "prince charming".

Double Decaf said...

The producers used the same firm that vetted the Trump leadership team.