Monday, February 28, 2011

That Dude From 'Jumanji'?

Robin Williams, spotted outside the Ed Sullivan Theater this afternoon, en route to taping an appearance on the "Late Show With David Letterman."

Elektra Lack-Luxxxluster?

Everything about "Elektra Luxx" sounds promising on paper, including the cast -- I love Joseph Gordon Levitt, Adrianne Palicki, Timothy Olyphant and Malin Akerman (OK, especially Timothy Olyphant!) -- and the porn-star-turned-community-college-teacher story line. (Oh, and there are sex bloggers!) But something about the trailer isn't really working for me. Anyone seen it yet and care to weigh in?

What's for Lunch?


 I'll bet John Waters and Cee-Lo Green were discussing the finer points of this scene from "Female Trouble."

You Know How Some of Your Best Friends Become No Fun When They Have Kids?

Lourdes Leon and Madonna at Graydon Carter's Vanity Fair Oscar party last night at the Sunset Tower Hotel in West Hollywood, California.

Inside Elton John's Oscars Party

If the White House is smart enough to appoint a gay social secretary, surely no celebrity in his right mind would go out on Oscars night without dropping by Elton John's AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party in West Hollywood. The turnout was eclectic, to say the least. Have a look and vote for your favorite "coupling" in the comments!

Lance Bass, J.C. Chavez and Dustin Lance Black

Elton John is as curious as I am about this chat between John Waters and Cee-Lo Green

Jamie Fox and Kim Kardashian: You can almost see her mouth watering

David Furnish and Matthew Morrison

David Furnish and Ryan Kwanten (Mrs. John knows what she's doing, huh?)

I couldn't make it (bad foot), so Brad Goreski found another date ...

Ross Matthews does his thing

Chris Colfer and Ashley Fink (some things you never outgrow)

No gay party would be complete without Chaka Khan

Catherine Tokarz and Eric Stonestreet

Caroline Fentress, Chris O'Donnell, Mamie Gummer and Ben Walker

Hayden Panettiere and Kevin Zegers

Anne Heche and James Tupper

Eric McCormack and Janet Leigh Holden

Beautiful people alert: Dave Annable and Odette Yustman

Baz Luhrmann and Rufus Wainwright

Serena Williams (I'm now wearing her foot cast)

Chace Crawford and Emma Roberts

You didn't think Elton was going to let David have all of this, did you?

Leading Men of the 2011 Oscars

Yet another dreadful Oscars. James Franco destroyed his alt-hip image with a bladeless performance (could he have looked more distracted?), and Anne Hathaway confirmed why she is SO WRONG for the role of Catwoman. (And can we move the Oscars to January so we don't know who will win EVERY single award but one?) But despite the show's many obvious shortcomings, there was still plenty to look at on the red carpet:

Hugh Jackman, who got more screen time than the actual hosts (I'm not complaining)

Armie Hammer, the boy most likely to ...

Jesse Eisenberg's status hasn't changed all year

Colin Firth finally got what he deserved

Mark Ruffalo: the man is more than all right

Josh Brolin (where was his wife, did he put her in the hospital again?)

Andrew Garfield: I don't "get" this kid, and neither does his hairstylist

Javier Bardem looks like he may have eaten a celebratory cake a bit prematurely

Christian Bale and Mark Wahlberg: The younger older brother came out on top

Justin Timberlake sure looked like he was having a good time during the ceremonies (cute!)

Josh Hutcherson (no idea who he is, but he's cute) : This kid is all right!

Daphne Zuniga and friend: funnest party crashers ever!

Tired Old Queen at the Movies: 'Singin' in the Rain' (1952)

This week, Steve Hayes reviews "Singin' in the Rain," Stanley Donen's tribute to the good old days of movie making. Done in the Technicolor splendor that was MGM in its prime, Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds and Donald O'Connor dance and sing their way into your heart in this film that boasts a book by Comden and Green, dancing by luscious Cyd Charisse and an hysterical Oscar-nominated performance by Jean Hagen as the silent star who can't adjust to talkies.

I have to admit that I've never seen this -- or any movie starring Debbie Reynolds -- but I did go old-school over the weekend and revisit "Postcards From the Edge" with a trip to video store. (There's one left in Chelsea -- and it's still nowhere near my apartment!) The movie isn't as funny as I remembered -- am I the only one who thought Meryl "I can do anything" Streep was horribly miscast? -- but Shirley Maclaine steals every scene she's in, which only makes me love the idea of Debbie Reynolds even more. (Did you SEE her and Carrie Fisher on Oprah the other week?!)

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Jason Sudeikis Has Scarlett Fever (UPDATED)

UPDATE: Shows you WHAT those backstage "insiders' know!

Despite denials via her rep, my sources in Hollywood tell me the romance between Scarlett Johansson and Jason Sudeikis is definitely on. ScarJo was seen waiting backstage for him at last Saturday's midnight performance of "What's Going On? With Mike Mitchell" at the Uptight Citizens Brigade in L.A., and it's common knowledge around the stage crew that the two are an item. Jason isn't a bad-looking guy or anything. But first January Jones and now Scarlett Johansson? This one must have some kind of secret weapon beyond that, um, puerile sense of humor, no?

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Friday, February 25, 2011

Ransom Note

Is Madonna as horrible a person as you think she is? Listen to what Tim Ransom has to say about his onetime friend and "Desperately Seeking Susan" costar. Tim had a bit part in the film as the bellhop in Atlantic City who delivers Susan her breakfast -- including a newspaper and tequila -- which earns him a tip that was as big as her flirting. "Don't spend it all in one place," Susan cautions, as she slips the money in his coat pocket. (He won't.) It seems Tim and Madonna were buddy-buddy back in the day -- according to publicist Reid Rosefelt, Madonna "adored" Tim -- but after Reid blogged a heartwarming story about his work on the "Desperately Seeking Susan" movie poster with Herb Ritts, Tim posted the following in the comments section. I could almost feel my his heart break as I read it:

Ah yes indeed, this brings back the memories. I was cuh-razy for the girl when all this was happening. Followed her around like a puppy on set. Such a shame she turned in to such an awful person.

If it's any consolation Reid, you aren't alone in getting the diss from her. About 10+ years ago, I was invited to spend Christmas Eve at a small gathering at a mutual friends place and she was going to be there. I was truly looking forward to seeing her again as she was always playful on DSS and we had a fun relationship. Having done her first-ever screen test with her, etc. I never imagined she'd pull the 'I don't remember you' routine, but that is exactly what she did, sitting less than 3 feet from me. Completely flummoxed, I tried (pathetically) to remind her that we did her screen-test together, that we had a small scene in the movie, etc., at which point she looked me square in the eye and repeated, VERY pointedly, "I. Don't. Remember. You."

Tim (right) with Madonna, Jellybean and Reid Rosefelt (left) at the "Amadeus" premiere party at the Limelight in 1984

This was the woman who stuck her tongue at me from the stage at Madison Square Garden; the woman whose voice-mail to me I saved for YEARS cause it was so deliciously flirtatious; the woman whom I still have a photo of me giving her a foot-rub on set (which I was on every friggin' day of the shoot) that was now telling me I didn't exist in her memory. It was infuriating as she was so clearly making a conscious choice to not even engage in the conversation. Narcissism paired with a lack of grace running that deep is pretty mind-blowing to witness, especially when directed so personally at you.

It sucked to have fond memories of her and that time poisoned by that night, but what are you gonna do? Suffice it to say that a few years ago when I re-discovered in storage the signed 'Like A Virgin' poster she gave us all on that last day of shooting ("you can be my second husband after therapy" was one of the things she wrote), with great pleasure I listed it on eBay. The tidy sum I received for it went to underwrite a new flat-screen TV that I am enjoying to this very day. Perhaps a little short-sighted of me, but it felt very good to be rid of it and I will never, ever regret getting it out of my home.

Of course she is. No further questions.