Monday, November 30, 2009

Naughty Boys Need Love, Too

I was already hot for Grady Sizemore when I first saw him playing outfield for the Cleveland Indians back in 2007. But now that he's posted a dozen photos of himself (non-work-friendly) on in various states of undress (he's a boxer-brief man, btw) he's just passed David Wright as my favorite slugger. (Is sexting how rich and famous straight guys pick up girls these days? How I wish the boys at Dobson High had had this technology and too much time on their hands back in the '80s!) Be sure to check out Grady's tea-bagging action HERE.


Joey said...

Wow, I wonder if his girlfriend has full frontal shots hidden away in her pantie draw. More important when will we seem them.

Oh and I'll stick with my honey D Wright ;)

Jay said...

now that's hot...please oh please let Mr. Wright post some pics...puhlease!!!

Anonymous said...

I love you. And I would have been so disappointed if these hadn't made the blog today. He's hotter than I imagined. Wooo.