Friday, July 03, 2009

Short Order

Just wanted to let everyone know that the 3rd annual Outrate Online Short Film Festival (OOSFF09) is now under way. The festival is a showcase for up-and-coming filmmakers to exhibit their work to a large worldwide audience (last year's festival welcomed around a half a million visitors) and entry is free. To learn more or submit your own film, click HERE.
  As an aside, I wanted to mention that the festival is spearheaded by a cool guy called Mark Adnum, the publisher of Early last year, he wrote the most entertaining porn review I have ever seen, of the Jeff Stryker -- well, he and I would say Johnny Davenport -- porn classic "Powertool." It read like the literary equivalent of Maya Angelou's reading the Craigslist M4M missed connections section. One of the most frequently used tags on Mark's blog is "unintentionally hilarious," yet I don't see it on this classic work of video criticism. Whatever the case may be, you definitely want to check it out ...


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