Monday, April 27, 2009

Love in the First Degree

A lot of you guys wrote to me to tell me how much you enjoyed my post about the Web site For those who found the men too, um, vanilla, I may have just the thing for you. A straight co-worker of mine was working on a story about the penal (huh-huh) system that led him to, where you can become pen pals with the inmate of your dreams. Bryan here, the 2009 Inmate of the Year, is a handsome 28-year-old who's in for life thanks to a murder/robbery combo he pulled off when he was 17. He's looking for someone who's interested in getting to know who he "really" is (yikes). If Bryan's not your type, there's always a new Inmate of the Month to choose from.

Me? My heart belongs to 2008's Inmate of the Year, Amer. This 6-1, 225-lb. Jersey native is half English, half Russian -- but all KILLER. Naturally, he's looking for a "no-strings attached" kind of relationship, like anyone could ever expect to pin this hunk down ...


mattrett said...

I love how arch-arch-arch right-wing nutjob Andrea Peyser of the POST writes a fluff article on this site which basically romanticizes people who commit far worse crimes than the ones she often writes about in hysterics.

Betasheep said...

A few days back the exile(d) had an article on social networking in Russian and Ukrainian prisons:

They even provided the link for those of us who can speak Russian, or god forbid, Ukrainian.

saint stephen said...

re AMER: now THAT's what i'm talkin' 'bout! he can slay me ANY time.

and if he's a Morrissey fan, i'll be his jailhouse bride in a flash. rough trade with a sensitive soul is a LETHAL combination. sometimes literally.

night nurse 57 said...

Hi Kenneth m.walsh I think your a hunk xx

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