Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New Balls, Please

As I mentioned last month, Spanish tennis hunk Fernando Verdasco is one of Cosmo UK's latest charity centerfolds, part of an ongoing campaign to raise awareness of prostate and testicular cancer for Everyman, the UK’s leading male cancer campaign. Last year you may recall it was Tommy Robredo who did "the honors." There are 27 centerfolds featured online (the best of which are below), many of whom are European personalities I've never heard of -- and many of whom have decidedly, um, British bodies. See 'em all here!

Actor and TV presenter Jeremy Edwards
Actor Matthew Wolfenden ("Emmerdale"); actor Marcus Patrick ("Echo Beach")
Briitsh motorcycle racer James Ellison
Lookalikes (Sam Brown as Brad Pitt, Andy Harner as David Beckham and Shad Ellis as Will Smith); Mark Lewis Francis, Sprint athlete and Olympic gold medalist
Actor Ashley Taylor Dawson ("Hollyoaks")


Richard said...

Since I'm addicted to British soaps I need to point out an error. the young man listed as Nick Abendanon, Rugby Union fullback is in fact Emmerdale soap actor Matthew Wolfenden.

r2afael said...
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danielstick said...

Glass House anyone?

What do you mean by 'decidedly, um,British bodies' exactly Mr 212?

Want to post us some scantily clad photos of yourself and see how your 'American' body compares to these English chaps?

In England we happen to prize our actors and sports men for their talent, not how hot they look in a pair of aussiebums. Actors on this side of the pond cut their teeth in the theatre not in the A&F Quarterly! It is merely a bonus if they happen to be hot. Our boys are also slightly more 'real' or are we to believe that everyone in the US has the body of an adonis?

My Friend Flickr said...

I've never heard Kenneth say he was a model, but he doesn't look very "British" to me.

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