Thursday, September 28, 2006

Linking 101 212

I traded links with Jay Z over at tonight. He seems like a cool guy and wrote a nice post about my blog today. If you've got an underwear fetish -- and don't most gay guys? -- you'll definitely wanna stop by Jay's blog to say hi.

My conversation with Jay prompted me to want to write this open post to all of my fellow bloggers out there regarding linking. Many of the people affected by this I have written to personally, but just in case I missed anyone I just wanted to clarify my feelings on the situation: I don't link to sites that contain frontal nudity. On very rare occasion I will throw in a risque link if there is something extraordinary that I think my readers will like (I think it's only happened once in the past year, and it involved proof that Colin Farrell does not suffer from the Irish curse). It's not that I don't appreciate those type of sites, it's just that my blog is read by many of my co-workers, friends and family members (Mom?), so I try to keep it R-rated at best (or should that be at worst?). I know I've occasionally "stolen" a photo from another blog that I just had to have but didn't link back because the site it came from is full of hardons and cockshots. (Sorry! I try to at least throw in a "thank you" even if I don't link back.)

I also try to limit my blogroll to sites that are in English. This has more to do with the American education system and my shortcomings in learning a second language than it does about your blog. Thanks, kw

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